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Picture of McIntosh & McGovern in concert

Folk duo Chris McIntosh & Alvin McGovern have been playing, singing, teaching, and mentoring in the greater Chicago area since the early 1980's. Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) (FARMfolk.org) said as much when they honored Chris & Alvin with their 2008 Lantern Bearer Recognition award.

Although they typically perform alone, McIntosh & McGovern ocassionally have a bass player. Two of them have been Marilyn Cummins, who they met through the Old Town School of Folk Music, and Ellen Dassow, Alvin's goddaughter. They are also members of The Beatleleles (beet′l·laylees), a ukulele-centric Beatles cover band.

As of this writing, if you want to hear Chris McIntosh & Alvin McGovern, you're going to have to find them in concert because they don't have any recordings. And of course you or your organization can book them. They are happy to play for large and small groups, and are just as comfortble in a front room setting as they are on a stage. Contact them by phone or e-mail them through their website.

And on a non-musical note (pun intended), we've been going to Maine for many years. You can find out more on our Gallery page.

We're Grateful

Thank you Doug Henkle for including us in your FolkLib.net list.

Thank you to the Plank Road Folk Music Society (PlankRoad.org) for including our bio in the Winter 2011 issue of their Quarter Notes newsletter on page three in connection with our February 11th, 2012, appearance at Maple Street Chapel Folk Concerts (folk.MapleStreetChapel.org).

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Picture of Harrison Street Ukulele Players in concert
Jeff Krage/for Sun-Times - Jan. 17, 2010

Picture of Miss Carole and Alvin in concert
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Website Note

Picture of first McIntosh & McGovern website

McIntosh & McGovern have been online since the early 1990's, when the Internet became open to the public. They designed their first web page on-the-fly over the weekend that Chris gave Alvin his first ISP account as a birthday present, and she taught him what she knew about HTML. They acquired the McIntosh-McGovern.com domain in 2004. The original design was tweaked now and then, but remained essentially the same until it was totally redesigned in 2010.

Q: How many folk musicians does it take to redesign a website?
A: Three. One to redesign the site, and the other two to sing a song in harmony about how good the old design was.